Slikour waxes lyrical about his purpose-driven life, signing Kwesta, helping Bonang with business deals and more.

If you’ve been following the i(m)bali LIVE journey, you’ll know that the guests hardly hold back. That was the case, in April, when Slikour stopped by to school us on his story. It’s an incredibly insightful journey and, even when he’s not trying, Slikour has gem after gem after gem to offer. Plus the audience had some dope questions that went beyond music.

In part 1 of this conversation, the OG let us in on how Skwatta Kamp started, his epic rap battle against Snazz the Dictator, falling out with Infa and the passing of Flabba. Part 2 dropped this morning and on it, he breaks down the social media break-up that put him in the news, signing Kwesta, being a part of brand Bonang’s rise, feeling misunderstood and A&R-ing Bozza’s solo debut.

It always comes off so corny when people harp on and on and on about their YouTube channels and they ask you like the videos and subscribe to the channels. Trust me, I get it. But I am going to ask you to like the videos and subscribe to my channel.


Because we live in a world where people who hold the purse strings want to give you money to do more of what you’re doing ONLY if you can prove that there are a bunch of people who like it. I’d like to keep making videos and audio and other things that preserve and uplift South African music and you help me continue.