Everybody got a story. We all ghetto, b.

Last year was tough for me. No, let me be specific. The last half of 2016 showed me flames. It burned my outlook on life, left me with a charred ego and my self-esteem? Mlora. This weekend, something happened that triggered those feelings of where I was last year. If I were in a Rihanna song, my knuckles would sting from fist fighting with fire.

But that trigger reminded me about how I got over. How I am still standing. How, you ask?

Long story short: months went by and on a good friend’s cheat day, she and her husband and Dude and I went to eat burgers.

We were just talking and back then, I was the most negative, most down-in-the-dumps Dineo I’d ever been. I just couldn’t see life getting better for me. The three of them were talking to me about the beliefs I held for and about myself. It wasn’t a lecture. Just one of those casual conversations that changes your life, you know, no big deal.

Then my friend said she’s going to send me this other video that might give me some food for thought and then we stuffed our faces with burgers bigger than our mouths could handle.

This was the video. Watch it first and then continue reading.

Done watching? Don’t lie to me. Go watch then come back.

Done? Cool. So, I’m not here to try and convince you to radiate the things and ways you’d love to have and be. I’m here to say when you’ve exhausted all options and can’t see yourself being who you are now for the rest of your life, then you’ll be open to vibrating higher.

Once I got that, I started to shoot my shot with just about anything. If you’re following me on Twitter or the ‘Gram then you know how much my life has changed. If not, please follow me so that Reebok can send me some M.E. Ha.

So, I take my shot often and sometimes, when I’m slowing down my vibration because of fear, my shot misses the basket.

And so, one of the lessons that’s been keeping me on my toes since I watched that video and legit became a better person to myself and the people I love, is about victimhood.

Imagine 28 years of feeling worthless. Imagine all the things that got you to that point. That must seem like a walk in the park compared to whatever has broken and bruised and battered you into who you are today, right?

The point is: everyone thinks their history is worse than the next persons. But let me tell you this for free, the more we hold onto that idea is the more we radiate the wackness. The more we use that as an excuse to not do and be better. The more familiar it feels.

And believe me, every day is not fly hair and radio offers.

Sometimes it sucks and the familiar comes calling. But MBB’s voice often floats from the back of my mind, up my throat and through my mouth: if you’re holding onto rancour and animosity, you’re slowing down your vibration.

I literally can’t afford to be holding onto those things.

You don’t have to take my word for it and you can coddle your victim consciousness. But here is another MBB video that can help you. You don’t have to be a Christian, you don’t even have to be religious. You just have to be ready to let go of that victim story. Let me know how it goes?