Full disclosure: I didn’t remember that Seba Kaapstad’s second album, Thina, would be out on May 17. And I didn’t know I would watch Zoe Modiga on stage, joined by the super dope Nomfundo Xaluva and the super ill Aus Tebza, at the Joy of Jazz line-up reveal. But sandwiched between those two things, I put out the latest episode of The Writers.

The Zoe Modiga edition.

I’d still love to talk to the band about Thina – I mean, have you heard Dezaster? I digress. And, of course, I’d love to attend a Joy of Jazz show where the three aforementioned vocal and instrumental powerhouses will perform together. But for now, we have this convo with Zoe, and it’s been super insightful for me.

We talk about self-care, about songwriting and more. As someone who discovered too late that I just learn differently from other people, I also appreciated her sentiments on education as we know it.

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