I want to blog every day and in an effort to be a woman of my word, here is today’s post.

It’s short but it counts. I was driving home and listening to the radio – my CD player is broken and I believe that’s the Universe trying to teach me how to be a better broadcaster by forcing me to listen to even the stations I wouldn’t ordinarily mess with.

I was listening to this other station while driving and they played an Alicia Keys song that instantly made me think of my mother. If you’ve met her, you’ll know my mother loves music. Correction: my mother loves to sing. When we were kids, we’d know where she is in the house because she was singing.

All. The. Time.

But she nine times out of 10 is singing a gospel song. It’s quite rare for her to be belting out a tune that doesn’t have Jesus in it so my memories of her loving other songs are few. One of them is that Alicia song.

But, a significant one is Prince’s The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

Church had just wrapped and we had just got into the car. She was driving us out of the yard and the line to drive out was super long. So my mom stopped whatever CD was playing and turned to the actual radio.

The Prince song played and my mom and I instantly sang along. I was surprised that she knew and liked the song and told her as much. Phapharing me. She just sang and snapped her fingers and we drove home.

It’s not a big deal to you reading this, I know. But I thought it was dope that my Queen was into Prince. What songs or artists are you surprised to know that your parents (or parental figures) enjoy?