Cape Town’s premier weekly drum and bass night, It Came From The Jungle, turns seven this week. To celebrate, a bash featuring Niskerone, Hyphen, Phaze, Dynamo, ALXR and Kamashe on the decks will be held at Fiction on Long Street on Thursday.

The brainchild of DJ and event organiser Mark “Niskerone” Stevens (pictured), It Came From The Jungle made its debut on the same night Fiction did in 2006.
And it has been running, even when Niskerone has been touring elsewhere, every single Thursday ever since.
“The first It Came From The Jungle night was on the first night Fiction opened its doors for trade,” beams Niskerone, “and we’ve done Jungle tours around the country, but we’ve never moved the venue permanently because Jungle became a part of Fiction.
“It’s home. Basically, Jungle has been there since the beginning of that venue.”
What’s in a name has never been an obstacle for Niskerone. He scratches his head – full of dreadlocks of varying length and size – when quizzed about the name of his bass-thumping baby.
“I was sitting with one of the previous owners of Fiction and he came up with the name,” says Niskerone.
“There was that whole thing where we liked bad 1970s and 1980s B-grade cinema too, so…”
There’s also the matter of his alias. Pronounced nis-car-won, this former campus and internet radio DJ says he chose this as a nom de plume back when he used to be a graffiti tagger.
He swopped the spray can for the CDJs (CD turntable that works like a record player) and says he doesn’t think he could go back to drawing even if he wanted to.
At least his music mixing skills aren’t rusty. He says the hardest part about running an event as popular as It Came From the Jungle is “trying to keep it fresh”.
It must help, then, that Niskerone is constantly touring and networking with some of the biggest names of the genre. As a result, the likes of Skrillex, Pendulum and the UK’s DJ Fresh have played the small-ish Fiction as surprise acts.
It Came From The Jungle has also become a platform for up-and-coming DJs to grow a following and hone their skills.
“You just never know what you’re going to get,” Niskerone laughs, “but we always have fun and there have been many nights where you look at the dance floor and there appears to be one big circle of friends even though not everyone there knows each other.
“Everyone from the bar staff to the people outside on the couches is smiling and even when the music stops the people are still singing.”