Flowers for Ms Cosmo

By now, you know what i(m)bali is all about. This week’s episode sees us attempt to get to know hip hop DJ and radio personality, Ms Cosmo, a little better. She speaks to me about taking her career into her own hands. She also exclusively tells me about how Gigi LaMayne was meant to be on her first single and she lets me in on how she really feels about people who question whether she actually makes the beats of her songs or not. If you enjoy i(m)bali, please tell a friend.

On: Ms Cosmo

From enigmatic personality to executive producer, Ms Cosmo talks to Helen Herimbi about her journey I hear her gladiator sandals duel with the tiles before I see her. Ms Cosmo (pictured) is stomping past the SABC Radio Park reception. How are you, I ask, weary of the frustrated look on her face. “I’m…,” she shakes her head, “fruuuuuu…” People have started arriving for a live performance of Emtee’s new album, Manando, on Ms Cosmo’s award-winning 5FM show, The Stir Up. But security isn’t letting them in. Ms Cosmo, whose real name is Noni Rwaxa, is annoyed but more than that, the hip hop club DJ and radio personality is intent on making sure the show goes on. I’ve always imagined her to be this mysterious public figure, because she always has this pensive look on her face. But, as I discovered after spending a Sunday evening with her, she’s actually just a perfectionist and her brain prizes getting things done right over kiki-ing simply for the sake of it. Emtee’s performance goes on without a hitch and right after, those gladiator sandals are pounding the floor once more as she rushes upstairs to finish her show. It’s difficult to keep up – which is probably how her naysayers feel. Once she’s settled behind the mic and effortlessly controlling the desk, Ms Cosmo apologises for only being able to talk to me between actually presenting her show and live-tweeting it. The same show that won her a South African Hip Hop Award a few years ago. I ask her if she felt like that win was proof that her hard work was worth it. “Winning the award was a great moment for me to realise that my radio isn’t going in vain,” she tells me. This year, Ms Cosmo, who is a part of 5FM’s breakfast show, The Roger Goode Show, also scooped the Traffic Presenter gong at the Liberty Radio Awards. “I won’t even lie to you,” she giggles a husky, burning-flame giggle, “I wasn’t expecting that award. I have only been doing traffic for one year I was taken Read More …