Before we rang in the new year, I was speaking to my gran on the phone. She gleefully told me she was excited for Twenty Twenty Won. Now, usually, I am the first person to roll their eyes when I hear these cliches but I actually didn’t this time. It made me chuckle. And a little hopeful.

Now, fast forward to four days into 2021, and I’m feeling dangerously close to being a loser this year.

It’s primarily because I’ve figured out the things that occupy the gap between where I am and the life I envision for myself… and I’m just not getting to them. I can hear the inner voice telling me to sit down at my desk and write. About what, I ask. Silence. You would think I would go to my desk and wait for the answer with Google Docs open but…

So, I hope that this losery feeling will be a cautionary tale to you. That you will learn to do the opposite of what I’ve been doing so that you become a winner because you actually did the work. I also hope that the next time I come on here to talk about goals, it’s to tell you that I’m smashing mine.

To victory.