You know what sometimes feels great when I’m having a crappy work day? Logging into YouTube Studio and finding positive comments about my videos. I mean, there was that one time that someone watched one of my videos – I don’t now remember which one – and then commented that I have the personality of a teleprompter…

That’s hilarious. I don’t actually know what it means. Maybe that I speak like I’m reading a teleprompter? Or maybe that I’m all about words? Which is what scrolls on a teleprompter? Angazi. But it did make me chuckle.

I’ ve subscribed to many channels from all across the world. I try my best to leave a positive comment on the videos I enjoy because I have experienced, firsthand, how that can buoy your visual journey – especially when you don’t feel like a “real” YouTuber. I hope you know you’re not alone. And the fact that you’re still showing up for yourself and still making the effort to share your visuals with others is dope.

You’re a visionary, kid.

So… every week, I’m going to try and let you in on some of the channels that I love. Specifically, the ones that cover music on and from the continent. If you want to put me onto the channels you enjoy, please do so in the comments section. If you like what I share with you, please subscribe to their channels. Click the notification bell and be inspired to start your own channel!

Up first: Ndani TV

Named after the Swahili word for “inside”, Ndani is a culture channel that started in 2012. Although the channel mostly puts me onto West African acts, it does claim to be pan-African in approach. They carry short-form original series and cover film, art, fashion and more. I really enjoy their interviews with musicians and other people in the music industry. Amongst their various series, I like The Juice, which includes interesting entertainment interviews. I believe DStv subscribers outside South Africa can watch some of these episodes on Africa Magic. I also like Just Say It, which allows entertainers to vent their frustrations with the mundane and big issues. It’s sometimes funny. The Mix, which delves into the inspiration behind artists’ songs, is my favourite.

Peep this The Mix episode featuring Falana:

I also love that I mostly don’t know the people featured, although it’s obvious that they are known personalities in their respective areas. It makes me feel like I’m learning every week and I get to give my ear (and eye) to brand new (to me) music. I still get excited by new music.

If we’re being honest, there are many people, across the globe, who claim to cover culture but don’t put in even a smidge of creativity in the aesthetics of the channel. Ndani TV does not skimp. You can tell that they’ve put in money and expertise into filming black skin beautifully, asking thoughtful questions and shooting in conceptually-relevant places. They get my vote.

What do you think? Do you love Ndani TV?