My Life

Black Rapunzel

Today, I got to chat with a comedian I respect so much. His 3-year-old daughter came up to where I was sitting and started stroking the cornrows that cascade down my back. "I like your hair," she mused, not really talking to me, "it's like Rapunzel!" I smiled and said,...
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DJ School

A few months ago, I decided I was going to learn how to DJ. Yeah, just like all the other people I have mocked for years for not being content with being a copywriter/strategist/bartender/fill in whatever you do here. Unlike those slashies who annoy me, I didn’t want to DJ...
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The Miners, a Helen Herimbi short story

Tssssssss. He sucks his finger to suppress the stinging sensation. The furnace is open while he flicks the once-round burnt bread into brown bags. He stands in the street, in front of a sign saying Bob’s. There, a bin, bulging with debris, stands. He flings the black buns in and...
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